Water Works Canoe Company 

41 Pine Woods Lane

     Mansfield Center, CT 06250 

       The Bag Lady -nobody does it better!

       Phone 860-456-4906 email: baglady@charter.net 

        The Bag Lady would like to retire. If you know of someone who is interested in this business, please give me a call. Taking orders again, but selectively. Willing to do boats for which I have patterns. Write us or give us a call to see if we can help.   

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Canoe Covers and Kayak Covers is what

 Water Works Canoe Company, LLC     is all about...        

 Water Works is home to the BAG LADY, manufacturer of quality canoe and kayak COVERS for over 35 years.  The Bag Lady  offers a fine line of products for your paddling pleasure: canoe and kayak covers,  paddle bags, kneeling pads, cradle covers, and more. Our product line is forever increasing as we attempt to meet your needs. We have hundreds of patterns and specifications in stock and will try to help you get what you need (over 30 years worth). However, do to outrageous demand, we have decided to cut back slightly and produce those boats that we have patterns and specifications for. Do not despair as this list is extensive and varied and it is likely we have done your boat in the past. If you are nearby,  you can even visit us with your boat and we will work right on the real thing to assure you get a perfect fit.  Give us a call or write us and we will let you know if we can help. Here's what we think was the " ONE OF THE COOLEST BAG WE'VE EVER MADE !" (CLICK HERE)

Despite the fact that imitation is the highest form of flattery, realize that ONLY the Bag Lady makes and sells her bags.  We do not have ANY dealers as we prefer to customize bags by talking specifically to you. There are some imposters out there. SO BEWARE, and be sure to get the real thing by looking for the BAG LADY LOGO on each bag.

This site is constantly changing as we extend our product line. Most recently we have added FLAG REPAIR to our long list of "What We Can Do For You!" Be sure to check out the tab at the left. 

In addition, we will still offer all kinds of paddling information and do check out each of our links as you should find something of interest there for you. Thank you for your continued support over the years.



Nobody does it better than the BAG LADY.